Sunday, December 13, 2009

Taking stock of what I got

Welcome back,

I've Been busy making lots of gold over the past two nights. I'm settled nicely into the inscription business with 2-3k to spare. I found myself a herb farmer. I've bought about 2k worth of adder's tongue from them over the past two nights at 17g per stack, not too cheap, but cheaper than the AH usually goes to.

Today I broke the 3k mark, for the first time on this account, with ease. At the high point, I had about 3.8k liquid gold. With that gold, I bought 1k worth of adders tongue, along with about 100stacks of various herbs from the AH at really cheap prices, totaling up to about 2k expenditures on herbs for today. I quickly milled -> Inked -> glyphed + made vellums, Brining up all my glyphs to stacks of 3, and all my vellums into 4 stacks(80 of each vellum) and 50 runescrolls of fortitude. right now I'm sitting on between 500 and 600 glyphs(on the AH right now) selling between 3g and 30g each.

Today while I was milling all my Adder's tongue, I did a little math and I'll show what I came up with:

start: ~1000g worth of adder's tongue

mills into:
Azure pigment: 867
icy pigment: 145

ink of the sea: 433
snowfall ink: 72

Final Price:
2.5g x 433 = 1082.5g
16g x 72 = 1152g

total price:

| Profit: ~1234.5g |

With this data, It shows me that for every stack of adder's tongue that I mill(assuming I only sell the ink, don't go for bigger profit with glyphs/vellums) I turn it into 2x profit. Of course this is entirly server dependant, I just wanted to show you that Inscription is a great money maker, and you can make all that by clicking 1 button and going AFK.


Money count: 2342g 72s 16c

P.S. I would have had a bigger ammount of gold but I've spent 2-3k on herbs throughout the past two days, but it was well worth it and I'll get my money back very soon.

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  1. Great blog! I am now leveling a tailor thanks to your advice being true about the price of Netherweave bags/mats. Keep up the good work!