Sunday, December 13, 2009

Taking stock of what I got

Welcome back,

I've Been busy making lots of gold over the past two nights. I'm settled nicely into the inscription business with 2-3k to spare. I found myself a herb farmer. I've bought about 2k worth of adder's tongue from them over the past two nights at 17g per stack, not too cheap, but cheaper than the AH usually goes to.

Today I broke the 3k mark, for the first time on this account, with ease. At the high point, I had about 3.8k liquid gold. With that gold, I bought 1k worth of adders tongue, along with about 100stacks of various herbs from the AH at really cheap prices, totaling up to about 2k expenditures on herbs for today. I quickly milled -> Inked -> glyphed + made vellums, Brining up all my glyphs to stacks of 3, and all my vellums into 4 stacks(80 of each vellum) and 50 runescrolls of fortitude. right now I'm sitting on between 500 and 600 glyphs(on the AH right now) selling between 3g and 30g each.

Today while I was milling all my Adder's tongue, I did a little math and I'll show what I came up with:

start: ~1000g worth of adder's tongue

mills into:
Azure pigment: 867
icy pigment: 145

ink of the sea: 433
snowfall ink: 72

Final Price:
2.5g x 433 = 1082.5g
16g x 72 = 1152g

total price:

| Profit: ~1234.5g |

With this data, It shows me that for every stack of adder's tongue that I mill(assuming I only sell the ink, don't go for bigger profit with glyphs/vellums) I turn it into 2x profit. Of course this is entirly server dependant, I just wanted to show you that Inscription is a great money maker, and you can make all that by clicking 1 button and going AFK.


Money count: 2342g 72s 16c

P.S. I would have had a bigger ammount of gold but I've spent 2-3k on herbs throughout the past two days, but it was well worth it and I'll get my money back very soon.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

long time, no see

Hey there,

I'm sorry that I haven't been posting much, I needed to get a new modem which caused my internet to go down for about 3 days. I've finally gotten a firm foothold in the inscription industries on my server. So far I have been making/posting 2-3 of every glyph, while canceling and reposting 3-4times each day. I've also been making armor/weapon vellums and scrolls of fortitude, along with the occasional 4-5 DM cards.

Glyphs are going great, still only need 1 bank alt(with 4 32slot inscription bags) to post all my glyphs. My achievements are telling me that I'm earning about 400g per day on that character(who I post glyphs as well as buy all materials to make them) On that toon I'm sitting on just over 1000gold.

Vellums, scrolls and cards are doing very well. This charector takes almost no time to post and cancel auctions as I'm only selling 15-25 different items at any one time. While the time is low, the profit is HUGE! While only posting a maximum of 40vellums of each kind, 40 scrolls of fortitude, and misc. scrolls and cards here and there, I have 900-1000gold on that character.

Buying bluets and arrows resell very well. I buy them in stacks of 1k for about 10g per stack. I then sell them in stacks of 100 for about 7-8g. With this method, I can easily make 6-8times the ammount of money that I invest. It doesn't take much time to move your merchandise either, because a hunter will usually buy 3-5 stacks of "1000" at a time. They then run out of ammo in a couple hours instead of a couple days, they go back to the AH, buy my ammo at a "great deal" and do the cycle over again. I usually end up selling 50-100auctions per day.
at 10 auctions per 1k
cost: 1k ammo = ~10g
5k = 50g
sell: 100 ammo = ~7g
1k = 70g
5k = 350g
As you can see, If I buy 5stacks of ammo, just by selling one stack in 100s, I make back the investment and a small profit, when I sell the all 5 stacks, I easily gain 7x the initial investment.
*note* the reason people buy my stacks of 100 is because on the AH(asuming they don't have an addon like auctioneer to tell them whether it's a good choice or a bad one)
is because in the AH, where it shows the stack size, the stacks of 100 look like "100", while the stacks of 1000 look like "1oo..." as you can see there's not a huge noticeable difference.

That's pretty much what I'm doing to make gold. Until next time,

money count: 2286g 96s 13c

P.S. this was suppose to be posted last night...just never hit the post button xD

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday update

Hey there,

It's Saturday, and I've been playing on my bank alts for most of the day so far. Today I decided, with less than 700g to
my name, to pick up Jewel Crafting on my main. I've heard that Jewel Crafting was expensive to level, but I set out to
level it as high as possible with about 400g. I didn't get to far... I got to level 120 before I had used up almost all of my
money. When I had finished with that, my overall account only had about 200g in liquid gold but it's a good thing that I
have A LOT of items for resale, enchanting materials, glyphs, inks, and vellums, otherwise I would probably still be at
200g. Anyway, only a few hours after I had spent that 400g to level up Jewel Crafting, I had made up for it. With the
money I had gotten from my bank alts from the early morning, I decided to reinvest it...into my bank alts.

Jewel Crafting: 120, - income
Inscription: 444ish, +income(main income)
I am now selling over 150different glyphs(need another glyph alt soon) Today I've moved from 2 of each glyph up to THREE(3)
of each glyph. The more of each individual glyph I have, the more days I can go without crafting replacement glyphs(right
now I have to craft ~100-200 replacement glyphs per day.
I've decided to gradually move into the Vellum and scroll market. I just reached 440 inscription yesterday so I could
Finally make this. Both vellums and these scrolls sell very well and make me a nice profit.
I tried Crafting some cards yesterday, I made 8, and NONE of them turned out to be nobles cards, so there goes some
investment money = /
I am leveling Jewel Crafting to the 400s to do the saronite shuffle and also to make rare/epic gems

Enchanting: ~300, + income
Tailoring: 230, -income(but items can be DE'd so most money is returned)
I am leveling enchanting up as I get cheap greens off the AH, I sell any materials I don't use for some easy profit
I am leveling Tailoring to make netherweave bags and DEing all the greens I make along the way.

That's all for now, I might edit this post later tonight to show you the money I have right before I go to bed

Until then,

Money count: 459g 31s 95c

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

quick update

Hey there, just going to do a quick update before I hit the sack.

I'm sitting at around 600g with lots of greens, enchanting materials, inks, glyphs and random trade goods to resell. Today I found a herb farmer(WOOT) who sold me ~54 stacks of adder's tongue for 15g each(usually about 20g). I then milled them and turned it into Ink of the Sea and Snowfall ink. The snowfall ink(once I sell them) will make up and produce some profit just from themselves. I came out with 54snowfall and either 200 or 300 ink of the sea(sorry I'm tired and can't think at the moment). I've been selling some glyphs and enchanting materials, along with the resell crap; but I'm getting slightly lazy and have put netherweave bag making on hold. I'm debating on wheather or not to invest in materials in speculation for patch 3.3. I have my eyes on a couple different items but I'll hold off on that for a few days. Oh yea, I heard that 3.3 is coming out on December 8/9 so get ready!!!

until next time,

Money count: ~600g

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Deathknight: two more choices for professions

Hey there, just got Wrath on "black Friday" so I decided to make a Deathknight. I've played one up to level 80(and raided as
a tank) and have found that I don't like playing as a DK. So I decided to make one as an alt for two additional

I began to think of what four professions I wanted to have to make money with(neglecting gathering professions because
once I'm done leveling I almost never use them and hate farming). So I chose Inscription, Jewel crafting, enchanting, and
tailoring. Next I figured out what two professions I "needed" to be level 400ish to make the most money. I chose Jewel
crafting and Inscription, because I'd be doing the Saronite Shuffle and making glyphs and Darkmoon cards. I didn't
"need" tailoring and enchanting past 375 because once enchanting is at 375, I could disenchant and item I needed to,
and I could still create netherweave bags.

The reason that I'm only leveling 2 professions to level 450 is because I don't plan on leveling my DK past 58(unless there
are some big bucks I see down the road) and at level 58 I can't level my professions past level 375, but I'm fine with that
at the moment. If I ever feel the urge to have tailoring and/or enchanting up to level 450, I could easily level to 65 within a
day or two.

With just over 2k in my pockets, I decided to start leveling a progressions I already know how to use as a money maker,
and that is Inscription. With my old account, as you might know, I had a level 80 DK with inscription and enchanting.
So instinctively I started leveling Inscription to start up this money-making machine.

Once Inscription was at 400, I leveled Enchanting on my DK. I already had a handful of level 1-125ish enchanting
mat.s and about 200ish green items rangingfrom level 9-65, so I had just about all the material I needed to level enchanting
from 1-236. Around 225ish, I ran out of my own materials, so I went to the AH. I bought all the materials I could use
to level up, but sadly there wasn't much.So now I'm stuck at level 236, with a whole bunch of outland enchanting
material. I haven't started Jewel Crafting on my shaman yet because I've run short on funds, Currently at sitting at
around 730g liquid, with 2-300 ink of the sea, and 40ishsnowfall ink.

As far as netherweave bags go, the price for materials has dropped about 1-2g per bag, while the bags rise from 10g per
bag to about 13-15g per bag. The demand for these bags has also risen. These might be due to the fact that it a week
day(s), but I don't know because I've only been selling netherweave bags for about one week.

Anyways, that's about all that has happened over the last few days that I haven't blogged for.

Until next time,

Money count: 1023g 74s 11c

Friday, November 27, 2009

account banned

sorry...just figured out it was a phishing e-mail, >.<* got my account back and I think I'm safe. Only time will tell

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tailoring: Netheweave bags

Hey there, and happy Thanksgiving

Today I'm going to talk about how I use Tailoring to make money in World of Warcraft. When my first account was stolen, I started reading through the forums of Just my two copper to find new ways to make money, that's when I came across the potential to make money through Netherweave bags.

I started watching my server prices for netherweave cloth and saw that it was selling for 4-8g per stack. I then checked out how the Netherweave bags were doing, they were selling for 10-12g each! that's almost double what the price for materials are. Since there aren't many people farming netherweave cloth, it's hard to get materials for the bags, expecially since I sell about 20-30 bags a day, which means that I need to buy 20-30 stacks of cloth each day. I have managed to find enough cloth on the AH and from spamming trade/general chat and it's proven to be a pretty good money maker, about 100-200g per day.

Leveling up tailoring to the required skill level wasn't too hard either. To level tailoring from 1-315 cost about 800-1,000gold. I then found some sad sap to disenchant my 300+ greens for only 20g! Once I sold all the enchanting materials the overall cost to level tailoring had dropped by about 400-500g, then I quickly made up the difference with netherweave bags and am now making pure profit.

That's all for today.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving,

money count: 1932g 87s 79c